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    AMIX is present on the polish market since 1991.
    From the very begining our activity is focused on import of aluminum powders which are used for production of aerated concrete.

    Our priority is to provide products which are cost and quality competitive in relation to the products offerd by other manufacturers and suppliers. Achieving this goal was possible by entering into close business relation with the Russian aluminium conern RUSAL (previously SUAL), which is the second largest comapny of aluminum industry in the world (11% of the global primary aluminum and 13% of the world aluminum production in 2007 - source: the Wikipedia).
    Currently, due to the fact that RUSAL Group is developing sales on the Polish market and AMIX is one of the strategic partners of RUSAL in Poland, we are increasing our offer and variety of imported aluminium products.

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  • Our strategic partner

    RUSAL - Strategic partner United Company RUSAL is the world's largest producer of aluminium and alumina. Founded in March 2007, the United Company is a result of the merger of RUSAL, SUAL amd the alumina assests of Glencore.